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Home control is technology that links and controls the electronic systems in your home through one easy-to-use interface.

We can install full-featured, practical, and reliable home-automation systems that are easy to use and at a price that fits into your budget. Our scalable designs also mean that it’s not an all-or-nothing choice—you can start with a basic system and upgrade over time with solutions that fit your evolving lifestyle.

  • One tap away from audio, video, and home-theater components.
  • Multi-room music anywhere in your home.
  • Create your perfect ambiance with automated shades and smart lighting.
  • Climate control while you’re home or away.
  • Enhance security with text message alerts and easy-to-use video surveillance
  • You’ll get used to the convenience once you’re pre-heating the hot tub on your way home from work.

Smart Lighting & Climate Control

Picture it. No more midnight missions through the house to make sure lights are off and your home is secure for the night. At your command, lights turn off, leaving a bathroom light dim for the kids, the thermostat drops a few degrees, and you’ve discovered peace with your partner’s book light level. Only rest and sweet dreams ahead of you now.

  • Control lighting using timers, motion sensors, and dimmers to create interior ambiance, enhance security, and reduce energy costs.
  • Help conserve energy and ensure comfort with pre-programmed temperature settings.
  • Automated shades are elegant and also extremely useful for temperature control, efficiency, and lighting control.


We make it easy for you to enhance the safety and security of your home in a number of ways. More than just traditional security, we can install systems that make sure the lights are turned on if you’re coming home late or away on vacation, monitor interior and exterior motion, and alert you if garage doors have been left open.

  • Rest easy on vacation knowing you can monitor temperature to prevent freezing or receive alerts if there’s a water leak.
  • Turn lights on and off, adjust the temperature, and shut the garage no matter where you are.
  • If your kids are home from school and you’re still at work, you can use IP cameras to check in on them and their friends.
  • Our security features let you restrict access to the computer, television, and other entertainment while you’re away, so you can make sure you approve of what your kids are watching.
  • Seamless integration with the security systems and cameras you already have, so everything that keeps your home and family safe can be controlled from one simple interface.


Whether home theater means a cozy corner of your living room or a screening room with theater seating, we can install a solution that fits your home perfectly. The possibilities are endless – and setup is easier and more affordable than you ever imagined. Enjoy your music virtually anywhere and everywhere in your home. With easy access to your digital music collection, your options are virtually limitless. You can listen to the game as you’re working in the garage while your wife is enjoying her favorite pop, jazz, or easy listening playlist in the kitchen.

  • Floorstanding, bookshelf Speakers, in-wall or in-ceiling speakers
  • Complete, intuitive control over your entire entertainment system
  • ipod docks and touch screens
  • Turn your home into the hangout for family and friends. Home theater and multi-room music systems make your house the most entertaining place around.